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成份: Ingredients: 黃蓮,琥珀,苦地膽,三七,五倍子,豬膽汁膏,石榴皮,枯凡,雄黃,槐花,烏梅,訶子.Proprietary blend, Chinese goldthread rhizome,Amber,Bunge corydalis herb,Sanchi root,Chinese gall,Pig Gallbladder,Pomegranate pericarp,Alum to Calcine,Realgar,Japanese pagodatree flower,Japanese apricot fruit,Medicine terminalia fruit. 作用: Ac..
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  成份: Ingredients: 黃蓮,琥珀,苦地膽,三七,五倍子,豬膽汁膏,石榴皮,枯凡,雄黃,槐花,烏梅,訶子. Chinese goldthread rhizome,Amber,Scabrous elephantfoot herb,Sanchi root,Chinese gall,Pomegranate pericarp,Alum to Calcine,Realgar,Pagodatree flower,Apricot fruit,Terminalia fruit. 作用: Actions: 有助於涼血,收斂,內痔,..
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成份: Ingredients: 黃芪、黨參、葛根、升麻、蔓荊子、白芍、黃柏(炒)、甘草.Chinese Cimicifuga rhizome,Kudzu root,Phellodendron stem bark,Chinese Peony root without bark,Round-Leaf Chaste Tree fruit,Coconopsis root,Astragalus root,Chinese Licorice root & rhizome. 作用: Actions: 益氣升陽,聰耳明目.適應於耳聾耳鳴,視物昏花.Helps support the general h..
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成份: Ingredients: 生地,知母,天花粉、玄參、山藥,黃芪、倉朮,丹參.Adhesive rehmannia root, Common anemarrhena rhizome, Mongolian snkegourd root, Ningpo figwort root, Common yam rhizome, Membranous milkvetch root, Swordlike atractylodes rhizome. 作用: Actions: 大補元氣,生津消渴,益肝和胃,增進體液分泌,降低血糖和尿糖的含量.Supports the body's fluid pro..
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鼻眼净 Pi Yen Chin Ophthalmic Drops
作用: Actions: 適應於因過敏而引起的紅眼沖血, 眼睛痕癢, 鼻炎及結膜炎癢等。Pi Yen Chin Opthalmic Drops are decongestant eye drops that provide cool and soothing relief to irritations to the eyes. use Pi Yen Chin Opthalmic Dropsfor temporary relief of the swelling and redness of the eye due to minor irritants such as smoke. smog a..
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