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Cupping Set-Korean 19 piece with case
Features This new cupping set design from Korea contains plastic cups that are shock and heat res..
Ex Tax: $51.50
Detox Foot Patches
Features May help extract toxins and harmful substances, balance blood pressure, stimulate blood ..
Ex Tax: $16.50
 Magnetic Pellets
Features *800gauss, 2.0mm [0.08"] dia magnet *Ideal for hand,ear or body points *0.25" ..
Ex Tax: $8.50
Latex powder free gloves SM
Features For laboratory procedures where use of powder is not recommended Ambidextrous; Beaded c..
Ex Tax: $12.50
Gold Moxa Punk 50 Grams
Features Super pure fine quality of moxa punk from China, Excellent in direct moxibustion or in n..
Ex Tax: $11.75
Replacement Cups 1.97'(50mm) Set of 10
Features Replacement cups for Kang Zhu plastic cupping sets. Magnets sold separately Item # 2621..
Ex Tax: $17.50
Vinyl Powdered Gloves Medium
Vinyl Powdered Gloves Medium ..
Ex Tax: $10.50
Twist Off Lancets
Features Designed with "Shallow Point" Optimized for maximum comfort, 26 gauge Less ..
Ex Tax: $6.75
Auto Cupping Machine with 12 cups
Features Easy to use Strong suction power Save time and create suction in seconds Plastic cups ca..
Ex Tax: $195.00
Smokeless Moxa Rolls
Features Relatively smokeless and odor free, easy to use moxa sticks. Uniform and slow burning. N..
Ex Tax: $7.75
Ear Pellets Stainless Steel on Tan Tape
Features *Stainless Steel stimulation press ball *1.2mm [0.05"] dia dots with Tan Tape *Idea..
Ex Tax: $7.75
Latex powdered gloves Medium
Features For laboratory procedures where use of powder is recommended. Ambidextrous Beaded cuf..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Alcohol Burner 150ml
Features An alcohol burner is useful in heating of fire glass cups or to ignite moxa[CC=ML] Un qu..
Ex Tax: $19.50
Silicone 4 Piece Cup Set
Features Blue Silicone 4 Piece Cup Set. When pressed, the silicone jar changes its shape, while ..
Ex Tax: $36.00
Changle CQG222A TDP Lamp Dual 5" Heads Manual Control
Features Changle Brand Replaceable heads with screw-in connector Coil Heater Manual Timer, can be..
Ex Tax: $325.00
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